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Healthy and Chemical Free Organic Baby Products!

More and more people today are turning towards natural and organic goods. This is exactly what you will find here. Regular clothes and toys can have chemical residue trapped in the threads and plastic that cause irritated skin, rashes, headaches and possibly worse. Organic cotton is not only grown in a way that lessens the impact on our environment, it is clearly a better and healthier choice.  

We understand that there is nothing in the world more important to you than your children and our goal is to make it easier for you to find the healthier choices right at the click of a button.

Our website is growing every day. We are adding more products and introducing new companies every month. We hope you enjoy our site and will keep coming back to check out the new editions.

Why Organic Baby Clothes and Toys?

While organic cotton has been around for a long time, there are now a whole variety of natural fibers that are used to make organic baby clothes and toys. They are more accessible than ever before. But why should you bother buying organic baby toys and clothes? Here are just a few of the many reasons:

1. Organic baby clothes are better for your baby’s skin. Bleached and chemically treated fabrics are simply not good for a baby’s sensitive skin. Many parents will notice rashes develop on their babies during the first weeks and months of life. This can often be attributed to the harsh detergents used to prepare fabric before it is made into newborn clothes. Organic baby clothes are made with fabrics that have not been treated with these chemicals and will not irritate your baby’s skin.

2. Babies love putting things in their mouth. You’ve probably already observed how your baby puts just about anything you hand him in his mouth. Many of the dyes used to color non-organic baby clothes and toys contain heavy metals and other substances that can be dangerous for babies, especially when they spend so much time chewing and sucking on their clothes and toys.

3. Buying organic supports smaller, environmentally-responsible brands. There are very few big businesses that use only the safest, earth-friendliest materials in the production of their goods. When you buy organic, especially when you buy wooden toys and handmade toys, you are supporting smaller brands that are committed to protecting the earth.

4. You’ll find better designs. The brands that we stock in our shop are more creative and produce better toys and clothes than those you’ll find in superstores. A wide variety of prints are available for newborn baby girl clothes and newborn baby boy clothes. You’ll also find a better selection of educational toys and musical toys, which can promote fine motor skills.

5. Organic is better for everyone. Organic baby clothes and baby toys are not just better for you and your family, they are better for the people who work to produce them and for the environment at large. Organic production usually requires less water and because the plants and animals are not treated with chemicals or hormones, they are safer for workers to handle.

View our selection of adorable organic baby clothes and organic baby toys to keep your little one healthy and happy!